Leadership and Management in the Water Industry

Duration: 4 days

QCF Accredited: Yes

Level: 4 (HNC/HND)

“Producing change is about 80% leadership … and 20% management… In most change efforts, those percentages are reversed. We continue to produce great managers; we need to develop great leaders”

John Kotter, Emeritus Professor of Leadership, Harvard, 2006


This course is designed to enable water industry professionals to confidently use the activities and processes of leadership and management in order to improve organisational effectiveness.

The application leadership theory to water management situations is explored along with best practice from other sectors.

On completion of this unit the learner will, for a given situation, be able to:

  • Apply management techniques needed to supervise an activity.
  • Propose a structure to improve organisational effectiveness for a given activity.
  • Advise on the role of management in developing and promoting team working.