Recruitment and Selection (ILM Unit)

Duration: 1 Day

Level/Accreditation: ILM Level 3 Unit


  • Recruitment policies and procedures
  • Basic legal aspects of recruitment
  • Simple techniques for job analysis
  • How to prepare job descriptions and person specifications
  • Methods of advertising vacancies
  • The merits of internal and external applications
  • Use of job descriptions and person specifications to shortlist applicants
  • Preparation for selection interviews to ensure impartiality and optimum decision
  • Selection interviewing techniques


So many problems in businesses today can be traced back to a poor recruitment decision. While a motivated, skilled individual in the right role at the right time can have a significant positive effect for their employer, the opposite is just as true of unmotivated, inappropriate placements.

This short course seeks to develop the knowledge and understanding of recruitment and selection as required by a practising or potential first line manager. On successful completion, the learner will have an overview of what constitutes good recruitment and selection practice, relevant selection methods and the basics of the law in the country in which they operate.