Water Distribution Management

Level: NVQ II

Mode of Study: With employer


The skills covered in the Level 2 Diploma in Distribution Control include:

  • Operating safely on the water distribution network
  • Addressing and resolving customers’ water distribution related queries
  • Carrying out valve operations on the water distribution network
  • Determining the exact location of water loss using acoustic listening techniques
  • Cleansing water mains
  • Disinfecting water mains
  • Carrying out sampling operations (bacteriological, chemical spot and flush)
  • Measuring system performance using flow and pressure equipment
  • Providing and maintaining emergency water supplies

The majority of learners’ evidence for the qualification must be generated from real work activities.


The Level 2 Diploma in Water Distribution Management is a competence-based qualification that allows learners to demonstrate the skills and knowledge required by distribution control engineers or technicians, who control distribution on the water supply network.