Performance Management (ILM Unit)

Duration: 1 day

Level/Accreditation: ILM Level 3 Unit


  • Line manager’s responsibility for managing team and individual performance
  • Purpose and value of formal and informal performance assessment at work
  • Ensuring fair and objective assessment (including objectives and ongoing monitoring)
  • Preparations necessary for effective, valid and reliable assessments
  • Conducting formal appraisals
  • Setting objectives and performance standards
  • Methods for measuring performance
  • Performance improvement methods available to the manager
  • Providing feedback
  • Causes of poor performance


This short one-day course aims to develop the knowledge and understanding of practising or potential first line managers in terms of managing the performance of those in their team. While part of the course will cover the legal aspects to performance management, the majority of the content is dedicated to showing innovative methods for improving the performance of direct reports. .